Why WTS?

We are the leaders in custom design water recycling solutions with reliable technologies and solid experience to back it up.


In 2017, WTS reached an installed base of over 800 customers. No other supplier of closed-loop recycling systems approaches this level of market penetration in the stone, glass and concrete industries. Only WTS’s systems and products are designed, manufactured, and installed exclusively for these industries. Our sales associates have each spent twenty years selling equipment for several of the most well-known names in these industries. We understand the needs of our customers and how each piece of equipment must work in concert with the others to produce success. WTS’s systems deliver recycled water in the volume and flow that is required by each manufacturer and at the specified water quality demands of each piece of equipment or operation. Independent laboratories have tested our recycled water and proven that it meets or exceeds various manufacturers’ specifications and achieves compliance with local, state and federal environmental laws.

Quality Solutions

Why choose Water Treatment Solutions? What sets us apart? First, we guarantee the performance of our systems. WTS provides solutions that you can rely on and has been doing so in the industries we serve since 1998. Our experience in the design and manufacture of water treatment systems extends over 30 years and includes many of the most well-known names in the industry. Second, over 17 years, our product line has evolved into systems that can deliver several types of water quality and prevent the need to use and discharge city or well water. WTS knows its customers and understands the manufacturers of equipment in the industries we serve. The result is an ever-improving line of products designed to meet the needs of small and large operators alike. Third, the WTS team includes the best and most experienced professionals. Reliance upon our expertise places you in the foremost position for growth, because we have the product knowledge sufficient to support you with the water treatment and recycling challenges you face.


Our systems enable you to achieve closed-loop zero discharge solutions. Accordingly, no industrial discharge permitting is required. Nothing is going down the drain, out the back door, or into a septic system. This saves time and money by allowing customers to legally bypass discharge permitting and red tape at the federal, state, and local levels. And it eliminates water and sewer charges and any ongoing yearly permitting and periodic testing fees for discharging industrial waste waters. Our customers are in compliance with the Clean Water Act and can operate and advertise an environmentally “green” facility, realizing savings by re-using water. The inorganic waste, a by-product of your process, is easily disposed of as a solid waste as it poses no hazard.

WTS Pre-Coat Safety Data Sheet

WTS Pre-Coat Safety Data Sheet

The WTS Pre-Coat has Non-Reportable Levels of Silica

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Water Treatment Solution’s Systems are the very best quality, MADE IN THE USA!