Glass System Photos


Our water recycling systems for the glass industry produce crystal clear and high-quality gray water. The systems enable the customer to install a closed loop, zero discharge water filtration, and recycling solution. Designed for the unique needs of the glass fabrication industry. Our systems will provide you with a chemical free, EPA compliant solution similar to those installed at many industry leading facilities and numerous independent operations of all sizes.


System in Action

Fabrication water from a Glass Fabrication Shop turned into Crystal Clear Recycled Water.
Glass & Mirror customer – using the semi- automatic plate shifter for their 15+ minute cleaning cycle. The GrayTech filtration system provides them with gray water that is less than 50 micron; in addition to crystal clear water that is less than 2 micron.
Architectural Glass company has a system dedicated to their silk screening department and for their other glass fabrication processes. A 10 – 15 cubic foot filter press and a 2 cubic foot filter press keep this customer in chemical free recycled water.
Glass fabricator of Architectural Decorative Glass – including specialized glass flooring. Utilizes a Model #8 – 12 with a semi-automated plate shifter and automated pump control system for efficiency in recycling their water.
Model #6 – 10 with Automation – for a Glass Fabricator that provides in-house tempering, flat glass sales and mirrors.

A leader in the glass industry since 1912 recycles their fabrication water with a 6 Cubic Foot Filter Press with automation.

GrayTech Filtration and Automation help this Commercial Shower Door and All Glass Doors & Entrances company recycle their water with this Filter Press based recycling system.
EPA Compliant Filter Press Closed Loop Water Recycling – providing over 200 gallons per minute of gray water at less than 50 micron with 4 GrayTechs.
Location is important – this Filter Press EnviroSystem was able to be in the center of this glass fabrication facility due to various supports for air and electrical lines.
Perfectly formed Filter Cake from glass swarf. Dry and easy to dispose of along with your other trash.
Dual Filter Press EnviroSystem – allows this busy glass fabricator to switch to the clean press without a disruption to their 24 hour fabrication process.
Waste water collection behind an edger when trenches are not a possibility. Transfer sump pump moves waste water to cone bottom tank for processing by the EnviroSystem Filter Perss.
Closed-Loop DI System