Reclaim, Rebatch, Recycle

Water Treatment Solutions custom designs and installs several filtration and recycling systems developed for the specific water recycling needs of the Precast, Ready-Mix and concrete grinding, cutting and coring industries. The Team at Water Treatment Solutions brings together years of industry experience with water filtration and recycling expertise to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.

Our systems combine simplicity and efficiency and operate without the use of chemicals to produce manageable dry filter cakes. Safe pH adjusts systems – uses NO ACID. Automated control packages are available to minimize labor costs. All our designs enable you to recycle a precious commodity – water. Our systems can offer simple solids dewatering as well as many reuse options, including a 100% closed-loop solution that meets all EPA and local wastewater discharge regulations. Because your equipment and your business are an investment, you need to maintain them with the best – Water Treatment Solutions.

System Images for the Concrete Industry

Before and after water samples
Drive in pits for Concrete system
Concrete system
Concrete outdoor system
Concrete outdoor system
Outdoor concrete system close-up
Filter cakes
Filter cake close-up
Filter cloth cleaning station
PreCast Model 4-8
PreCast Model 15-20
PreCast Model 20
PreCast System
RediMix outdoor system
Safety screen