Stone System Photos


Our chemical free water recycling systems are used by those in the stone industry producing 60 square feet a day to 7500 a day – ranging to 125 kitchens from one location. Our primary focus is to provide a 100% closed-loop, zero discharge solution that is unequaled in performance and supported by the best service team in the business. Current technology allows the customer to clean our systems in 5-15 minutes, as shown in the video.


System in Action

Our before and after water sample. If your filtered water doesn’t look like this, you need to call us!
Large Fabricator with Dual Automated 20 Cubic Foot Filter Presses – providing a 100% chemical free, closed-loop system – EPA compliant.

WTS Model #10 expandable to 15 cubic feet Filter Press. Ideal for a fabricator doing 10+ Kitchens per day with future growth to 15+/- kitchens a day. Dumpster provides for easy clean up of filter cakes.
30 cubic feet system – incorporating existing and new Filter Presses, newer and larger components in their EnviroSystem to meet the growing needs of this fabricator for crystal clear less than 2 micron recycled water.
Plate Shifter for a 15 minute cleaning cycle and a Cone Bottom Tank when digging a pit is not feasible.


Space saving mezzanine – requires flat surface for the tank and ability to hold specified weight of water and tank.


Model #6-8 with plate shifter and room for expansion. Easily produces 30 gpm of Crystal Clear Water and unlimited GrayTech Filtration for gray water at less than 25 micon.
An outside, 100% closed loop EnviroSystem, EPA Compliant system – prior to roof and sides going in to protect the system from the elements.

Chemical Free EnviroSystem with Automated Plate Shifter & dumpster for quick and clean solids removal. Provides both Crystal Clear less than 2 micron water and GrayTech Filtration for less than 25 micron water.

Model #2-6 Filter Press Chemical Free EnviroSystem – ideal for fabricator doing 2+ kitchens per day, with options for growth.
Model #4 in a compact install of our chemical free, 100% closed loop EnviroSystem – for a shop with limited space.
Model #1-2 our smallest EnviroSystem providing the Crystal Clear water and GrayTech Filtration water at the volume and pressure required by this and all fabricators.
Automated Pump Control System with Plate Shifter provide a Semi-Automated EnviroSystem on this Model #10 – 15.
Model #10 – 15 with Plate Shifter and Automated Pump Control System – combination of the two best automation options!
Filter Cake from a Chemical Free System